Building Automation STERKRAK
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New products
Our company acts in the following industries:
  • intelligent buildings, homes
  • industrial automation
  • electronics
  • air conditioning and ventilation
Produced by our company modules work with HVAC controllers, PLC, in central heating systems, utility water, automation of boilers, ventilation, air conditioning and Building Management Systems.

We have introduced a new expansion modules with two (1AO/2DO) and three relays (1AO/3DO). Part of them are the successors of the USSxx and URACxx series. They are characterized by smaller dimensions with the same switching power contacts.

TypeNew modelFunctional equivalents
1AO/2DO MS101 None
MS2 None
MS12 None
MS112 USS112 and USS112P
MS121 USS121 and USS121P
1AO/3DO PAC3 None
MS123USS123 and USS123P