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Digital to Resistance Converter PCR5

The PCR5 module is digital to analog converter, simulating NTC temperature sensors 1,8kΩ. Connecting digital inputs (DI1 ÷ DI5) to the GND, appropriate combination of precision resistors (0.1%, 15ppm) is set on the output of the module.

LED diodes indicate states of digital inputs and power supply.
Digital to Resistance Converter PCR5
Price: 51 €

Work simulation for the TAC Xenta series 200, 300, 400
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DI1=0 DI2=0 DI3=0 DI4=0 DI5=0
T(R)= -30.9 °C   R= 24 300Ω
Declaration of conformity: Declaration of conformity: PCR5 (194kB)
Datasheet: Datasheet: PCR5 (74kB)