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Isolated Digial To Voltage Converter PCU5I

The PCU5I module is optically isolated digital to analog converter, changing the logical combination of five digital inputs on one analog voltage signal. Thanks to an ultra-precision electronic components, output voltage is stable in time and temperature, and accurately reproduces input states.

Isolated Digial To Voltage Converter PCU5I
Price: 63.5 €
Giving the voltage U1...5 to optically isolated inputs, the voltage output is generated by the formula:
U0= (0.32*DI1 + 0.64*DI2 + 1.28*DI3 + 2.56*DI4 + 5.12*DI5) [V]
U1..5 < 3V AC/DC → DI1...5 = 0
U1..5 > 7V AC/DC → DI1...5 = 1

LED diodes indicate states of digital inputs.
WORK SIMULATION (click on checkboxes to change input state):
DI1=0 DI2=0 DI3=0 DI4=0 DI5=0
Uo=0.00 V
Datasheet: Datasheet: PCU5I (288kB)