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Digial To Voltage Converter PCU6

The PCU6 module is enhanced version of discontinued modules: URCA6 and URCA6P. It is digital to analog converter, changing the logical combination of six digital inputs on one analog voltage signal. Thanks to an ultra-precision electronic components, output voltage is stable in time and temperature, and accurately reproduces input states.

Digial To Voltage Converter PCU6
Price: 59.9 €
Connecting discrete inputs (DI1 ÷ DI6) to the ground (), voltage output is generated by the formula:
U0= (0.15*DI1 + 0.30*DI2 + 0,60*DI3 + 1.20*DI4 + 2.40*DI5 + 4.80*DI6) [V]
DI1...6 = 0 for opened contacts
DI1...6 = 1 for closed contacts

LED diodes indicate states of digital inputs.
WORK SIMULATION (click on checkboxes to close/open contacts):
DI1=0 DI2=0 DI3=0 DI4=0 DI5=0 DI6=0
Uo=0.00 V
Datasheet: Datasheet: PCU6 (282kB)