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3-point Differential Regulator RR3P, RR3PT

RR3P and RR3PT are two relay modules serving to control of valve or damper actuators with feedback signal 0 - 10V. The system aims to make a difference between the preset and the feedback voltage was equal to 0V. To meet this condition appropriate contacts of the S1 or the S2 are shorted.

3-point Differential Regulator RR3P, RR3PT
Price: 59 €
Switching diagram of the RR3P

RR3P has electromechanical relays with normally open contacts.

RR3PT has MOSFET solid state relays.

Declaration of conformity: Declaration of conformity: RR3P (194kB)
Datasheet: Datasheet: RR3P (185kB)